Services Overview

There is always something to do in our neighborhood, and many touchpoints for human interaction. Every day offers a diversity of learning, recreational and community activities. 

A Supportive and Active Community

Health & Wellness Programs

We seek to help you approach your own health and wellness in a dynamic way. We believe in a holistic approach to health, and offer services and programs to aid in improving your social, physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Our goal is to create a healthier community by developing customized approaches for you and your health.


Youth, Family & Community Engagement

We believe communities are made up of families, and to best support community growth and health, it is critical to provide children and youths safe places to learn and grow, and parents and guardians the flexibility and support they need to provide for their families. We’re a community, and we’re in this together.


Education & Job Training

RTH actively supports residents to reach their potential through training programs and individual coaching services that empower them to achieve and maintain gratifying employment. We take a proactive approach, reaching out to qualified families with teens and young adults to engage in our services.


Senior Programs

We want to make your senior years fulfilling and fun. We want you to remain independent, find community, and enjoy living here. We want you to make meaningful connections, have the resources you need to solve problems, and live the best life possible.


Sports Programs

We believe sports are a vehicle that allows you to build self-confidence, discover what it feels like to work towards a goal and achieve results, and find community and connection in the process. We create opportunities for families and youth to experience greatness.


Aquatics Programs

We provide a dynamic, fun-filled environment for you to learn, grow, and achieve your goals. We want you to have space to learn and practice an important life skill—swimming—while building confidence, engaging in movement, and finding connection with others in the community.


Resident Services

We welcome you to RTH! We offer one-on-one assistance with everything from getting settled, to understanding legal documentation, to developing life skills. Our goal is to help you find connection, community, and independence as you settle into your home.