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RTH is a diverse, vibrant, and exciting community that has provided affordable housing to low and moderate-income families and individuals for almost 50 years. Our goal is to make sure you have the information and resources you need to be independent and happy in your home.

Resident Services
Resident Services
Resident Services
Resident Services

Apply for housing

There are two options to apply for housing at Roxbury Tenants of Harvard:

  • For Mission Park, 835 Huntington Ave, the waitlist is currently closed.
  • For RTH Properties – Restoration Housing, Community Apartments, Community Housing, 777 – 779 Huntington Ave, or for Mosaic Rentals – please contact: 747 Huntington Ave., Boston MA 02115, 617-232-5910


Recertification is an annual review of income, assets and household composition used to calculate rent and subsidy. The process begins four months before the anniversary of the move-in date in order to have the necessary time to verify income and assets. The entire Recertification process must be completed and signed by all household members (ages 18 and older) 30 days before the effective date.

At the start of the Recertification process, residents will receive a Reminder Notice containing the information they need to bring to the office. This includes information about employment for any adult household member (ages 18 and older), public assistance received by any family member (TAFDC, EAEDC, Social Security, or SSI), unemployment benefits, workers’ compensation, child support, and any others. There will also be a review of information about assets and any income earned (interest on bank accounts, etc.). All Annual Recertification interviews are conducted by phone. Once the process is complete, the resident will receive the Rent Increase Letter notifying them to come back to the office to review and sign their new certification.

During the Annual Recertification process, there will also be updates regarding any changes to the household composition. This includes any minors (children under 18 years old) added to the household or family members who may have moved out since the last recertification process. Any members over 18 years of age that are full time students will have to verify their full-time student status in addition to income and assets.

Child-care expenses for children under the age of 13 applies to families where all adults work or attend school/training programs. Medical/dental expenses (including medical premiums, prescription drug costs, co-pays or other costs) will also be reviewed during the review process This applies only when head, co-head or spouse is elderly or disabled.

Any of these changes in income and household composition may affect the rent and it is important to report any changes immediately. If the total household monthly income increases by $200 or more, the resident will need to report all changes within 30 days as stated in the Occupancy Agreement.